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CrossFit 458

The Experience

When you step in the door....

 A welcome and explanation of the WOD  (Workout of the Day): 3-5 Minutes 

Warm-up as a group, often with specific items that will be used for the workout that day: 8-10 Min 

Skill Work/ Weightlifting, which is listed on Wodify and will be reviewed during the warm-up: 12-15Min 

Metcon/WOD, containing constantly varied, programmed workout that will be started at same time for all members: 7-30 Min 

At CrossFit 458 there are rowers, spin bikes, speed ropes, versa climber, boxes, kettlebells, gymnastic rings, ab mats, bumper plates, pull-up rig, squat rack, Olympic barbells (15kg/20kg), clips, bands, wall balls, tires, dumb bells, sled, ropes, glute hamstring developer (GHD), pvc pipe, ab roller, speed ladder, slam balls, fractional plates, sledge hammers, and other cool items that workouts are created to challenge you and help you progress as an athlete.   

Programming and Wodify

  Programming:  Traditionally, there is a progression of lifts during the skill portion of the class, Thee algorithm that is used to build strength through these lifts progress with 65%/75%/85%/90-2RM/1RM weekly.  Russian Back Squat Program, and progressive strengthening with strategic programming builds strength progressively over a period of time. Athletes will see more progress with classes 4-5x weekly.  

  Wodify:  This is an amazing program that is all online for waiver, lifting record keeping, workout announcements, newsletter distribution, and class registration.  · Keep all your information up to date- your emergency contact to your address, you never know when we will need that info.  · Put a motivating photo, or update your profile pic to make it unique · Check the whiteboard, like other member’s progress, or drop an encouraging note- be nice.  · Register for class, but remember to cancel as soon as you can if you are not able to make it to class · Remember to search for “ALL PROGRAMS” if the class is not a WOD class, it may show up under Mod Wod, Barbell, or circuit. · If you are only a drop in, or more than 4 days late with your membership fees, you will be de-activated, it is easy to re-activate, just communicate with your coach! · Log your progress, this is the best way to progress!    

What should you bring?

  What should you bring:  There are numerous items that members can bring to aid in their workout. Essential items are: water bottle filled to the brim, shoes that are clean and dry (preferably low profile or CrossFit specific shoes), comfortable clothing that allows for complete range of motion. Other items that you may be interested in using: knee sleeves, wrist wraps, tape for hook grip, weightlifting belt, lifting specific shoes, lifting straps, and grips. There are numerous brands and types of each. Often CrossFit 458 gets offers for discounts- check the list of discounts on website if you are interested.